“I now can have a different look at my role and be motivated, I now have no fear. Thank you.”
European Senior Executive, Hewlett Packard

Coaching Products

Executive Coaching
This provides one-to-one, outcome-oriented development for senior managers. It helps leaders resolve real-time challenges and achieve their goals through an individually-tailored approach that balances support and challenge.

Strategic Leadership Coaching

In an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment, Strategic Leadership Coaching focuses on developing skills for strategic thinking, innovation and implementation. It introduces a range of sophisticated strategic thinking and planning techniques – an invaluable addition to any leader’s toolkit.

Team Coaching
All teams have reserves of untapped potential. Designed to maximise the unique mix of talents within every team, this coaching helps teams achieve and sustain high levels of performance.

Work/life Balance
In today’s demanding workplace, sustainable high performance requires an effective work/life balance. This coaching, available one-to-one or as a group session, offers structured approaches to support and maintain a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle.

Coaching Skills for Managers
Increasingly, leaders and managers need to adopt a coaching style in order to help people achieve their best. This programme explores the core skills of coaching and helps delegates apply them in a powerful and authentic way.

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