“The results are still being felt here at the workplace, six months later. With a stronger sense of commitment and focus amongst our people.”
Head of Integration Authority, UK MOD


Customer Views

Sally Cantello, Chief Executive
“The Whitehall & Industry Group’s Working Towards Leadership Programme brings together peer groups of leaders from the public and private sectors to explore leadership issues in a safe, yet stretching environment.
Rema Consulting partners WIG in delivering the programme and their involvement is critical to its success. It is important that our partners reflect the WIG style and Rema are a perfect match.
They are pragmatic, innovative, flexible, lively, challenging and thought provoking.
Our delegates tell us time and time again about the impact and sustainable difference the programme has made to their performance as leaders.”

John Lewis Partnership
Paul Hunt, Managing Director

“I entered the programme with a healthy degree of scepticism. I soon discovered that it was a fantastic opportunity to find out more about myself, how I tick, and the impact this has had on others around me. The time spent in learning sets was particularly stimulating and I felt privileged to have the support and encouragement of Rema Consulting to guide us through.
For me it has been a life changing experience, it’s lifted my sights, expectations and performance. I feel transformed, more aware of my strengths and have developed strategies to overcome my previous blind spots. It has revitalised my passion for what I do and how I do it; my team have noticed the difference and they like it!”

‘by working together you can reach new heights’

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